The Non-Housewives: DIY Birthday Party Banners
Saturday, July 7, 2018

DIY Birthday Party Banners

I love shopping on Etsy, especially for personalized items, but the problem is, they aren't available on Amazon, and it would be impossible for them to offer 2 day shipping. So, for last minute birthday party planners like me, have to look elsewhere for fun party decorations. 

Pinterest had me falling in love with burlap birthday banners, but anything customized with my son's name was going to take at least 2 weeks to receive via Etsy, and of course, I started planning decorations for my son's party the weekend before. Typical! So, I had to get creative. 

I went to Michael's and found two different kinds of banners. The key was getting a set that I didn't have to cut! Check out my 3 different banners below and everything I purchased to make them! They were so easy and a lot cheaper to make than buying them off Etsy. They were a fun touch for our family birthday party celebrations! 

'ONE' high chair or door banner

What I used:
Fabric strips (choose colors or patterns that match party theme)

I stenciled the letters first with bright colored chalk. Once threaded on the burlap, I spaced them out evenly and tied my fabric strips. You can buy pre-cut fabric strips, or, choose a fabric that fits the theme of your party, and cut it into strips. This banner took me about 1 hour to make.

'Wild One' Burlap Birthday banner

What I used:
Burlap banner + string/twine  (they usually come with this)

Painting within the stencils was just as easy as using the chalk. I did one coat of paint, then let it dry for a few minutes, then put a second coat on to make sure letters really 'popped.' When using the paint, you'll have to be able to set the stencils aside for at least a few hours to let them dry before stacking them up again (it's the inevitable, paint gets on the actual stencils when using them this way). This banner took me about 30 minutes to make.

Chalkboard Name Birthday banner

What I used:

I didn't want to use the fabric strips for this banner since it was going to be hanging over the desserts. Instead, I used different colored ribbon, tied in knots, between the letters, to add some color. This banner took me about 30 minutes to make.

There were so easy to make, I was wishing I had time to make more DIY decor. I would love to hear about other DIY birthday decorations you've done - please share in the comments below!

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  1. So cute!!!! Easy cute decorations that don't break the bank.

  2. So cute! I made something similar for my son's confirmation. I created letter art online, then printed them as pictures to make into a banner. There are so many cute and creative ways to make these. Love your ideas!

  3. Yeah, your son's name would be hard to find. Love that you made your own that you can be proud of and they cost you a lot less money. Way to go!

  4. I just love these ideas. I think it's the time that you put in that gives it far more value then anything you could have purchased.

  5. Nice way to spruce up a room for a special occasion or fun time. The burlap and chalk board spin on making banners was really creative. Nice ideas!

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