The Non-Housewives: Currently Loving...
Sunday, January 24, 2016

Currently Loving...

Here's a round up of things I'm currently loving, enjoying, and taking advantage of in my life....

This week:
1 – Billions on Showtime
I think this show has potential. I was a little nervous about ‘Brody’ from Homeland playing a completely new persona, but he’s sells it. Extra bonus that it takes place in NYC. My husband and I lived there for a year and had the most epic year. 

I recently complimented my best friend on her flawless skin and she gave credit to her beauty sponge. She bought me one from Marshalls and I have to say, it works. I don’t wear foundation a lot,  but when I do, I’m using this sponge to apply it. It goes on so smooth. Pro trick: wet the sponge a bit before application, then use it to blend foundation. Adds a little hydration and helps it to glide.

3 - Fitbit challenges
I’m currently in 2 different weekly challenges and I’m so motivated to move! 

4 - $50 Craigslist Elliptical
I was obsessing over what kind of exercise I can do before work in the AM, and thought an elliptical would be great at home cardio, and easy on my joints. I was researching machines and didn’t realize they were so much more expensive than treadmills. I wanted to make sure I was going to stay committed, so I bought a $50 special on Craigslist to trial. It’s not that bad! If I stay committed and use it consistently for a few months, I may splurge on a new one.

5 – Etsy Planner sticker shops
My name is Angela, and I’m a sticker addict. I’ve been “suffering” for 30 years! I’ve always loved stickers growing up, and nothing has changed. I recently splurged on an Erin Condren planner and I’m obsessed with marking travel, appointments and holidays with stickers. It just makes it more fun! Here are some of my favorite:


  1. I love FitBit challenges too! Did you know you can sync your FitBit to your Walgreens Rewards to earn points when you walk? Also ShopYourWay Rewards (Sears/Kmart), too! I haven't paid for toilet paper or toiletries in almost a year because of the points I've earned! I use those square sponges, I should look for a beauty sponges--adding to my list!

    1. Whoa! Fitbit + Walgreens = that's an awesome tip! Thank you! I just told several coworkers and they are pumped :)

  2. I'd really like a FitBit. I am trying to win one right now. Hope the Elliptical works out.

  3. FitBit is truly awesome. I like it a lot too!

  4. I get to addicted to my FitBit. I had it on a year straight and was consumed with getting my steps in everyday. I recently bought a new one. I won't let myself get that consumed with it. LOL!

  5. I really want to get a FitBit! The challenges seem like a really good way to stay motivated and I could see it being a blast.